The latest updates at Glue

2018 News

Wrapping 2017 has been a blast for us and leading into 2018 has been very busy already and it’s just getting started!  As we’ve been upgrading our finishing rooms to keep up with the lightning fast pace of newer and bigger formats, we’ve been extremely busy.

For 2017 US Open Tennis, Glue graded over 30 hours of 6K Red Weapon dailies for ESPN’s Shania Twain package that was used extensively throughout the tournament.

We also had a good presence at the Sundance Film Festival this year finishing 2 films premiering. "Jane Fonda in Five Acts" from director Susan Lacy with producers Jessica Levin and Emma Pildes and "RBG" about Ruth Bader Ginsburg from directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen.

We’re also excited to have finished “Patrimonio” from director Lisa F. Jackson and producer Sarah Teale.  “Patrimonio” is currently premiering at the Berlin Film Festival.  Good luck to Lisa and Sarah!

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2017 News

As we head into 2017, we have a lot of exciting things happening at Glue! Some great festival winners, Sundance competitors, new clients and lots of incredible collaborations. We also have some changes in the Glue Editing & Design family as we wish Steve the very best of luck in his retirement.

Over the past 16 years, Steve has been instrumental in helping to build Glue into the successful post facility we’ve become. Stay tuned as we will soon be introducing some new talent who, along with Glue founder and senior colorist Ken Sirulnick, will continue to bring the highest quality finishing and color grading to your projects. We'll be working hard to make this a smooth transition for all our clients.

As we roll into 2017, Glue will continue to be on the cutting edge of the technology curve and will keep your projects looking and sounding their absolute best. We will also be upgrading our rooms to bring you more efficient 4K workflows with more powerful DaVinci Resolve systems as well as adding Baselight for Avid for high end grading without the need for round trip workflows.

We continue our dedication to high quality video and audio post production, Alchemist XF framerate conversions, duplication, DCP Mastering and the best finishing experience you’ll ever have!

Happy New Year to all. We look forward to seeing you soon!

2016 News

We are excited to add 2 new services to the Glue roster:

  • Alchemist Frame Rate Conversions.  We recently acquired an Alchemist XF turnkey system from Snell Advanced Media (S.A.M.).  The Alchemist XF is the worlds best frame rate converter on the market.  With p.HC technology, conversions to and from any format, especially the difficult 59.94i or 50i to 23.976 is very impressive indeed!  Conversions up to 4K are available.
  • DCP Creation.  With our new FinalDCP software we are now offering Digital Cinema Package (DCP) package creation.  DCPs have replaced the film out as the theatrical release format of choice.  Combined with our Alchemist XF for the highest quality conversions to 24p 2K, the results are stunning.  Call us for a quote.


A few of the latest projects we’re excited about:

Spartan Race

Produced by Transition Productions for NBC Sports Network

Color Grading, HD Online, Sound Mix

Following the success of its debut season, the Spartan Race Series returns with new obstacles, new race locations, and more of the world’s best athletes competing for  $500,000 in cash and prizes, and the title of 2015 Reebok Spartan Race World Champion. During each telecast, viewers will be provided a front-row seat to competitors tackling a gauntlet of obstacles, including fire jumps, aerial traverses over water, challenging rope climbs and barbed wire crawls. In addition, the all-access experience will chronicle the inspiring stories of many of the amazing people overcoming obstacles in the race and in life.


Rebel Citizen

Directed by Pamela Yates, Skylight

Alchemist Frame Rate Conversions, Color Grading, HD Online

Pamela Yates’ latest documentary, REBEL CITIZEN takes you on a revelatory tour of two time Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler’s political documentary work, letting the veteran artist and activist share his vision of how to be a citizen in the world. Created for the Cinéma du Réel festival in Paris, the film was selected for the New York Film Festival in a surprise development and will have its world premiere October 6th 2015.



Directed by Jon Fox

Color Grading, HD Online

Orphan. Entrepreneur. Recluse. Genius. Megalomaniac.

Inventor Joseph Newman is all of the above. A controversial figure in the scientific community, Newman rose to notoriety with “The Newman Device,” an electromagnetic machine that he claimed produced more energy than it took to power it. What should have been a revolutionary discovery was stopped by a lengthy and disheartening legal battle with the United States Patent Office. 

In his enthralling debut, filmmaker Jon Fox deftly seeks to understand the enigmatic inventor — through intimate discussions with Newman’s colleagues and, surprisingly, with the man himself.


Audi R8 Launch

Zoomari Films

Alchemist Frame Rate Conversions, HD Online, Color Grading

2 web spots for the rollout of the new Audi R8. Alchemist framerate conversions, ProTools mixing and DaVinci Resolve color grading.

Watch as the first generation R8 passes the baton to its worthy successor, the all-new 2017 Audi R8.



Produced by Wheels Off Entertainment and Brick City TV for CMT

Color Grading, HD Online


We’re also very fortunate to be finishing picture and sound for some wonderful shows for Lincoln Center including:

Live From Lincoln Center (Color Grading and Sound Mixing)

  • Act 1
  • The Nance
  • Showboat

Great American Dance Series for Lincoln Center at the Movies (Color Grading, Sound Mixing, 24p DCP Prep)




Another exciting year at Glue Editing & Design.

  • We now have 2 rooms running DaVinci Resolve v11.3.  That's some incredible color grading power.  The rooms are also running MC/Symphony v8 as well as a full Adobe Creative Cloud license giving us the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and all the other great Adobe software plus Avid DS for high end compositing and finishing.


  • We completed picture and sound finishing for the second season of CNN's Death Row Stories, Executive produced by Academy® Award-winner Alex Gibney of Jigsaw Productions, together with Academy® Award-winner Robert Redford and Laura Michalchyshyn of Sundance Productions. This thought-provoking CNN Original Series examines the justice delivered for those who face the ultimate criminal penalty.  


  • We're also in the midst of finishing a new series for CMT, Gainesville from Marc Levin and Blowback Productions.  This series is about a tight-knit group of young adults in Gainesville, FL making their way through the troubles of life and love while helping themselves to huge quantities of fun -  airs in August.


  • Legendary commercial and music video director Bob Giraldi teaches a graduate directing class at The School of Visual Arts.  The students direct narrative and documentary shorts and hire professional writers, DPs and editors to bring their vision to the big screen for a semester ending film festival.   The films are shot on a variety of cameras and formats, including DSLRs, Arri Alexa and Red Scarlet.  Glue was honored to be one of the color correction facilities used to help these amazing new directors bring their vision to life.

As usual, we've had some great docs come through Glue:  

Welcome to Leith
directed by Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker. 

Welcome to Leith' is a feature documentary chronicling the attempted takeover of a small town in North Dakota by notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb. Filmed in the days leading up to Cobb's arrest for terrorizing the townspeople on an armed patrol and his subsequent release from jail six months later, the film is an eerie document of American DIY ideals.  The film premiered at this years Sundance film festival and was very well received.  It followed with a healthy festival run including SXSW, Hotdocs and many more.

 [Film Website]

Dream Killer, directed by Andrew Jencks and produced by Chip Rosenbloom and Dylan Ratigan
Dream Killer is about Ryan Ferguson who, in 2005 at 20 years old, was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. dream/killer is the story of how his father Bill embarked on 10-year campaign to prove Ryan’s innocence. Dream Killer premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival.

[Film Website]

Babushkas of Chernobyl
Directed by Holly Morris and Anne Bogart 

Some 200 women defiantly cling to their ancestral homeland in Chernobyl's radioactive "Exclusion Zone." While most of their neighbors have long since fled and their husbands have gradually died off, this stubborn sisterhood is hanging on-even, oddly, thriving-while trying to cultivate an existence on toxic earth.

 [Film Website]