Our Services

Glue Editing & Design is a full service Post Production facility.  As a “boutique” style set up, we fully cater to our clients needs to bring the best out of their projects, whether they are long or short form, documentary or narrative film, music videos, corporate videos, sports, web content or anything else that might come along.  We are also an HBO certified delivery facility.

We feature full DaVinci Resolve suites that can finish HD and 4K projects with footage from SD all the way up to 6K, 8K and whatever the future brings.  Our color rooms feature the ultra powerful Supermicro Windows/Linux dual boot workstation with 3 GTX 1080ti GPUs, MacPro 12 Core Dual D700 and HP Z800 workstations.  We have BMD DaVinci and Avid Artist Color panels enhanced with X Keys macro panels for more efficient finishing.  Each finishing room is also loaded with Avid MC w Symphony option (Sapphire and BCC included), full Adobe CC suite and a variety of other workflow enhancing software.  We can conform and finish projects from all offline editing systems.  We even keep our Avid DS on hand for those problem solving times when nothing else seems to work!

Proper framerate conversions can make a huge difference in how your project is perceived.  At Glue Editing & Design, we make it a priority to make sure framerate conversions are done properly.  We offer both Alchemist XF and Teranex 2D framerate conversions and with this combination, we can assure that footage is looking it’s best in your final product.

Need to digitize a tape format for your project?  We can capture from HDCam SR (with 444 option), HDCam, DVCPro, HDV, Digibeta, Beta SX, Beta SP, Betacam, DVCam, MiniDV and VHS to any file format and framerate required.

We will bring your project all the way through delivery.  We can give you any file or tape format (yes, tape still comes up from time to time) required as well as BluRay (5.1 or Stereo) and DVD authoring.  We are also an HBO approved delivery facility.


Our ProTools mixing room can handle all your sound editing and mixing requirements. Running with: 

Avid HD I/O

Dual Avid Artist Mix panels

Avid Artist Transport

5 Genelec 8240A Speakers

Genelec 7260A Active DSP Subwoofer

Izotope sound processing software

Dolby LM100

Dorrough Loudness Monitoring

VO Booth w Audio Technica AT4047/SV Cartioid Condenser Microphone

Millenia Media HV-3B Microphone Pre-Amp

Panasonic 50" Plasma HD video display

Our Protools mixing room and mix team assures a project that sounds as great as it looks.

Give us a call or email to discuss your next project or any workflow questions or concerns you may have!